Bitesized Animation Events & Socials

Christmas Party
14 Dec 2021, 18:00
Das Kino, 22 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham NG1 2FZ, UK

Animation, motion graphics & video folk, take a break from the keyframes & join us on Tues 14th Dec for our Christmas Party!

Festive catch-up, pizza and cheesy tunes!

​We're also running a Christmas microMorsels animation challenge.

We'll be downstairs at Das Kino in Nottingham from 6pm.
​Ho-Ho-Hope to see you there!

Christmas Party Jukebox! 🎶

Got some song suggestions? Send them over and we'll stick 'em in the playlist, the cheesier the better! Song name & artist please.



"Rockin' A-Round"

Want to take part? Of course you do!

Watch this video & Father Christmas will explain everything!

Download this circle template. Make an animation which starts and ends with something the size of the circle...anything can happen inbetween!

Any style or technique, square (minimum 1080 pixels height) and keep it under 20 seconds. Submissions from individuals only please, no logos or advertisements. Please have your entry with us by Monday 13th December.

We’ll be putting all the animations together end to end into one loooong Christmas animation!

Send entries to hello@animorsels.co.uk preferably as a password protected / private Vimeo link (remember to enable downloads) or via WeTransfer / Dropbox / Google Drive etc. etc. Please don't send us any video files as email attachments as it will make smoke come out of our computers. Don't forget to include your full name & personal Instagram so we can give you a credit!​

Some more boring rules...

  • Submissions from individuals only, no logos or advertisements.

  • No overly obscene content please, anything questionable will only be included at our discretion.

  • Your animation should be under 20 seconds.

  • Square ratio, please stick to at least 1080 pixels height.

  • No unauthorised use of copyrighted material! If we're not sure about any music, images, footage etc. we'll ask for proof of ownership or that it's public domain etc. Nobody wants to get sued.

  • Please don't upload animations to any social media channels until after the date, don't want to ruin the surprise!

  • Closing date for submissions - Monday 13th December.


About Us

At Animorsels we run animation evenings, events and socials, bringing together the local animation community to watch animation, make animation, learn new techniques, chat, drink, catch up, meet new people and generally have a bit of fun.


We alternate our main animation evenings which feature a guest speaker and selection of short films alongside our socials which are more of a general get together. At each event we run our short animation challenge, microMorsels, each with a different theme, which we screen just after the short films. We’ve had some great entries at past events!


Animorsels is run by Bottletop, a Nottingham animation studio, with support from RTS Midlands & Antenna. Past events have also had sponsorship from the lovely folk at Juno and Patchworks with regular support for our socials from Das Kino and Penny Lane.


If you haven’t been along to Animorsels yet then pop along to our next event, we’d love to have you there!


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