Animorsels Online

6th May 2020

Because nobody is allowed to play out at the moment, we took Animorsels straight down the super information highway, left at the lights, through cyberspace and onto the world wide web. Basically we just held a watch party on Facebook.

We had all the usual Animorsels bits, a quick quiz, some great short animations and lots of brilliant microMorsels entries.

Katy Ross talked with us about her background, career, animation style and why making a good animation is like cleaning the decking!

Guest Speaker

Katy Ross


Katy (aka Gobblynne) is an award winning animator & illustrator based in Bristol.

In Katy's own words:

"I love to bring concepts to life - creating characters, enchanting worlds and magical creatures for TV, music videos, print or digital/viral work."


Bad Better Best
Andy Martin
I Have a Secret
Michael Sime
AJ Jefferies
The Breakout
Mantas GR
My Daughter Died. How Do I Introduce Her to My Son?
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