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29th August 2019


Our third Animorsels! The evening had an audio theme, we screened animations which made a strong use of  sound design and even had some noisy sweets in the lucky bags.

The Soundery gave a really interesting talk, taking us through their sound design techniques and specifically how they crafted the audio for the great short film "How to Make Sushi" by Jonathan Lindgren.

We had some great microMorsels entries, featuring superheroes and spacemen, all animated to a sound clip The Soundery provided.

Guest Speakers

Liam & Luke

The Soundery are a Bristol/London based duo creating music and sound design for video, animation and games, or as they refer to themselves “music making audio astronauts”!


Featuring plenty of pops, whizzes, bangs and kerblammos, Luke & Liam showed us how they create their audio magic and how audio can bring an animation to life.


"Audio Imagination"

Thanks for the entries!

James Dalby

James Wilkinson

Jamie Burton

Mike Choo

Oz Durose

Victoria Edmonds

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