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Colourful Characters
29th February 2024


Well, this was a biggun'. Our busiest event so far, great to see so many old and new faces, with folk travelling from Leicester, Manchester and Birmingham to attend! All guests got packs of our new trading cards and we had some great prizes to give away in our Quick Quiz.

We had a variety of colourful short animations, teaching us not to put on hooded tops we find lying about and the dangers of excessive flossing and peepin' through holes in walls.

Fraser Davidson gave a great talk, taking us through his character design process, using 2D techniques to speed up a 3D workflow and why (if you have them) you should put your kids to work.

We also had some great leaping microMorsels entries!

Guest Speakers

Fraser Davidson


Fraser's a designer, director & animator and co-founder of Cub Studio, an animation studio in Brighton, specialising in creating fun, characterful design and humorous storytelling for brands.

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