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Children's TV

14th March 2019


Nothing too awful happened at our first Animorsels event so we went for the sequel! With an eclectic mix of films featuring chickens, bums and golden idols, we also ventured into the third dimension with two films in glorious paper glasses 3D!

Steve Smith from Beakus gave a great talk introducing us to the wonderful world of Olobob Top and the steps involved in putting together a children's television series.

We had lots of great microMorsels entries (17 of them!) and as it was almost Easter we even had a bit of an Easter egg hunt, which wasn't at all chaotic.

Read a little more in the RTS Midlands Article.

Guest Speaker

Steve Smith

Steve, animation director-producer at Beakus, introduced us to the creative, inventive, and at times quite surreal world of Olobob Top. Created by Steve and his wife, picture-book author-illustrator Leigh Hodgkinson.


Olobob Top is a 52-episode children’s animation for CBeebies - and is about to have a second series. Its unique take on creative play, through the building of new characters and outlandish scenarios, almost won Beakus a Kidscreen Award last year… almost…!


From conception to transmission it’s been an up-and-down kind of journey, as all good journeys are, and Steve shared his insight into some of that with us.

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